3 Ways To Repair Your MLM Warm Market Relationships After You Burned Them

It’s almost inevitable that if you decide to pitch your warm market you’re going to burn a couple of bridges with people that are close to you.  That's if you do not know what you're doing.


How to repair your MLM Warm Market Relationships after you burned themIn fact, this is one of the most common occurrences for people who jump into the MLM Network Marketing and pitch all of their friends, family member, and social networks as often as they possibly can – always with the very best intentions but as frequently with unintended consequences. You might not even have recruited anyone into your MLM Network Marketing company and still find that they are offended that you want to pitch them in the first place.


But it’s important that you worked to repair these relationships, especially since they were of the people closest to you before you decided to inject the MLM world into their landscape here


1.  The first thing that you must do when trying to repair relationships that have been burned by MLM network marketing is to take 100% ownership in full responsibility


Even if you feel like you did nothing wrong whatsoever – and know without a shadow of a doubt that the reason they were unable to succeed in the MLM world was because of their own issues – you need to own up to 100% of the responsibility if you ever are going to have a chance at moving forward.


People are going to look for any and every way that they can escape responsibility (especially when things go bad) and when you own up to the mistake and take on even more responsibility and then you may have to or that you feel fair you’ll be able to short circuit and their brains for at least a little bit. This is going to open up the window of reconciliation dramatically, giving you the ability to repair any and all ill will.


How to repair your MLM Warm Market Relationships after you burned them2.  You’re going to want to move as quickly as humanly possible to repair the relationship


Though they say that time heals all wounds, you’re not going to want to let this fester or linger any longer and then absolutely essential. The moment that you begin to feel that they may be holding a bit of resentment or a grudge is the moment that you need to address the issue, clear the air, and get everything taking care of right away.


You’ll want to make sure that do so in a nonconfrontational way, but make sure that you express how important the relationship is rather than the MLM issues at hand and that’s why you are acting so quickly to nip it in the bud.


3.  Never do it again – in fact, you probably shouldn’t have even done it in the first place


With all of the advice out there that says you never want to confuse money and personal relationships – and that they are alike thousands and thousands of tons of dynamite when mixed together – people continue to do this at an alarming rate. The best advice for repairing relationships that have gone astray because of MLM network marketing is to avoid them in the first place. There are plenty of people that you can prospect for outside of your direct social circle and the people closest to you, and they don’t pose the same kind of risks or dangers.



To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

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18 Responses to “3 Ways To Repair Your MLM Warm Market Relationships After You Burned Them”

  1. SigridMcNab

    Nate, love these points. There are so many people in this world, we don’t need to pester our family and friends.

  2. EricMcLaughlin

    hahahah… love the last point… Never do it again!

    • nateleung

      EricMcLaughlin Exactly, my friend.  Lol.

  3. Ocean_Girl

    Excellent article, and very true!  Thanks for the info!!  =)

  4. lukeinnagoya

    Money and blood/friendship don’t mix! Sound advice Nate. Great value provided int this post, as usual.

  5. RyanKBiddulph

    Follow 1 Nate and you are good to go. You will be a wild success in life because you will be free from the habit of blaming. Thanks dude!

    • nateleung

      RyanKBiddulph You’re welcome, Ryan!  🙂

  6. donnylem

    Successful people take 100% responsibility for their actions and move quickly to repair damaged relationships. This is an awesome post, Nate. Thanks for sharing!

  7. wrcosentino

    Nice and simple. Own up, apologize, and never do it again.

    • nateleung

      wrcosentino That’s it right there!  Thanks William!

  8. sks_success75

    These are great tips on how to repair your relationships with family and friends. I can definitely relate, and I have repaired them quickly. There certainly have to be  balance. Thanks for the share Nate!

    • nateleung

      sks_success75 You’re exactly right.  There has to be a balance.  With that you said, most of us starting out brand new we promote new business opportunity with ignorance on fire.  To later realize that even though our intentions wasn’t to burn your relationships and owning up and repairing them makes you a professional.  Thanks for stopping by!

  9. nagoyauk75

    Good stuff again Nate. I am learning a lot from your blog posts.

    • nateleung

      nagoyauk75 Awesome!  Thanks Adam!